Things to carry for Ladakh Biking Trip

When ladakh biking trip comes into mind, first thing is compact packing. We need need to make sure that all essentials are carried together and along with that not to burden yourself with lots of luggage bags.

Why is it so important to have smart and compact packing?
You will be riding for several days in area which is having harsh weather and challenging terrain. There will be scarcity of basic items like ATM, Mobile Network, eating joints, accommodation, fuel pump, etc.

There are different packing to be planned depending upon who all is going with you?
1. You are going solo on bike
2. You are going with a pillion on bike
3. You are going on a bike trip with group
4. You are going with with family

As per experience we have with our biking trips and also things learned from other bikers stopping by at our showroom we have prepared comprehensive list of items can say a checklist depending on type of trip you are planning.

Things to carry for ladakh bike trip:

General items which you will need to carry are:

1. Clothes to be packed for ladakh

You need to carry more number of layers rather then carrying heavy and bulky woolens.

Base Layers are important for any motorcycle riding which is generally ignored or missed. They help your body to breath properly allowing air to come and dry out the sweat also.

We recommend to carry 2 pairs of body warmers (both top + bottom) as they are light in weight and can be easily worn inside your riding gears.

Also should carry 2 full sleeve tshirts also along with some half sleeve tshirts.

If you are having a riding pant, it helps a lot to compact your packing as you need to carry less number of denims. If not then carry at least 4 pairs of denim with you, as many time your clothes get wet in water crossing and they do not easily get dry out.

Keep 2 pair of warm / thermal socks along with regular socks.

Keep 1 pair of sports shoes along with your riding boot, so that if in case shoes get wet or damaged, you can have a spare boot with you.

Keep one good Rain Wear for protection from rains as in mountains weather changes anytime and you need to be ready for that. 

Keep monkey cap / warm head wear / ear plugs to protect from cold 

Keep one good warm glove to wear when you are exploring places when not on bike. 

2. Other accessories to pack for ladakh bike trip

  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • Sunglass
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Cold Cream, Lip balm, moisturizer
  • Basic Toiletries

3. Eatables to carry along on ladakh bike trip

  • Teabags / Coffee Pouches / 
  • Fresh Fruit / Packed Juice
  • Few packets of Maggie
  • Dryfruits 
  • Sugarfree (if you are diabetic)

4. Medicines to carry for ladakh bike trip

  • Basic medicines for fever, cough & cold, headache, upset stomach, body ache
  • pain balm / pain spray
  • Bandaid
  • Dettol & cotton
  • Crepe Bandage
  • nasal drops for blocked nose
  • Diamox (precautionary measure for acute mountain sickness)
  • Can tie desi kapoor also on your wrist and inhale it whenever you feel breathing problem or less oxygen coming.

5. Electronics to carry for ladakh bike trip

  • Chargers, spare battery for camera, spare memory card
  • Power bank

6. Documents to carry for ladakh bike trip

  • Itinerary printout
  • Hotel reservation slips
  • Emergency contacts 
  • Medical Insurance Copy
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Innerline Permits if required
  • Original Adhaar card, driving license

7. Other important things to carry which are forgotten

  • Spare Bike Key
  • Footpump, puncture repair kit including tools to remove tyre to change tube
  • Motorcycle tool kit
  • Spare Parts of your bike – Fuse, Spark Plug, Spare Tubes for both front and rear tyre
  • Clutch, brake and accelerator cable
  • Chain Link Lock
  • Brake Oil – 100 ml
  • Extra nylon rope / bungee cords
  • Petrol Pipe
  • Headlamp bulb
  • Rechargeable torch